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1. Colour My Love

Colour my love, colour my love; When i'm lost and down; It is you that i miss; Now my love is somewhere; Lost in your kiss; And my heart is beating; I need you, baby; You can get me high; You can driv...

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2. Give Me Your Love

D.j. D.j. D.j. D.j. D.j. You are my love; Love; Love. The sound is good; The sound is good. ; I can see you ev'ry night; You're my secret love; You're my only love. You can turn on the light of my dre...

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3. Happy Station

Station, happy station; Very special people you can meet at the station; Station, happy station (oh, happy station); Glad and smiling faces come from different places; My suitcase and me we'll take a ...

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