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1. Back To Bed

Now it's 4PM; Just walked through the door; Slept all last night; Now I just wanna sleep more; Drop all my stuff; Go to my room and lie down; Pull the blankets up close; No time to wear my nightgown; ...

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2. Date Song

She's so pretty; I hope the date goes well; Will she really like me? It's hard to tell; She's so cute; How'd I score a chance like this? Better check my breath; Might get a kiss; At the party; We real...

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3. Global Warming

We like sittin' on the fence; It's the most comfortable ride; Cuz the grass is always green; When you're always on the other side; All this talk today; About the earth getting warm; Everybody's pushin...

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4. Placebo Effect

In '73 I got real sick; My world turned inside out; Thought I'd been crushed with a load of brick; Would I ever again fish trout? I decided to go and see my doc. I needed a body exam; He had a deceivi...

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