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1. Eye Witness

EYE WITNESS; André Nideck; Pilgrim ride to demise; As solitary as penitent; Mesmerized by abduction; Ravages from inner phobia; Zero vision - overcast mind; Phoenix strikes the scorpion; Rapture - abs...

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2. Lamb Of God

Among the decision – incessant; Vertigo in vision of hermit; Atheist in quest of any guide; Depressing with the depht of despair; Allegiance lose to vanity; Blackened beyond the dark; Fierce primitive...

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3. Order Of Inheritance

ORDER OF INHERITANCE; André Nideck; Corrupt kings by your legacy; New book of laymans is complete; Sacred debris by supremacy; Infinite saints to dismal years; Piece by piece - heaven‘s conquest; Neon...

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4. Receive The Bomber

RECEIVE THE BOMBER; André Nideck; War of words is imminent; Negligence – accept this concept; Believe – inhale the venomous air; Waiting for the next attack; Indecent people – lost pride; Endless muse...

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