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1. 1,000 Things

I would like to find a nice way to unwind; Take off my hat and prepare for something; And wouldn't it be nice if I could put a price; On my wrist and sell it at an auction; And wouldn't it be grand, i...

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2. Am I Wrong

Did you have another seizure today? I never would have known if you hadn't told me; Are you in love again, today? I didn't have to ask its easy to see; ; "Did you believe it?"; "Maybe if I'd seen it."...

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3. Battery

Another disenchanting moment; Another burden for my head; Give it up, live it up again; Just like that; ; I try to take my time up, but I can't make my mind up; And decide just who's my friend; I won'...

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4. Brian

Pen in his eye; Black or blue; Orange where are? I can't believe you; Try to deceive; Rubber head; Hold my breath; Give up again; I remember way back when; You were my best friend; Pedal hard; Morning...

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5. Clark Kent

I know that it's winter now; because the air around me is cold. I know that it's over now, because she isn't around anymore; It may take a week or two before she sees that I did what I had to do It's ...

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6. Ever Slowly

Taking things seriously; Are they taking me; Away from what I need; Ever slowly; Wind says times change for the better; whether; The ship stays course or drops anchor; to save her; The harbor is open;...

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7. Living A Lie

What did you see in? You did yourself in. I didn't like your friends that I met; Living such a lie, can't look me in the eye; Maybe you've conspired with Juliet; Laughing so loud, is it a way to get a...

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8. Shining Star

Long shot from an empty box; Somewhere safe that I can store my thought; I don't want to get caught; Caught up in what I see; I can take you home; You won't be all alone; I'll take you anywhere; Where...

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9. Space Hero

I'm waiting on a mission; And I'm missing my home; I'm hoping that you'll see me; On my journey away from here; And it's all because; I'm an astronaut; Space Hero; I'm walking to the rocket; Got your ...

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10. Test In Confidence

In times when I'm leaving, do you understand; The plan that's at hand in my head. I may have mistreated, may have misleaded; But I meant every word that was said. ; Do you want me to wait here, as I'm...

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11. This Is Not Knowing

My common sense and my pride; Can be shed for what's inside my mind; Some how, each and every day; The words you say are everything I wanted them to be; Shining from afar, you are my shimmering star; ...

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12. Up To Me

I remember when we used to speak; Tell me how one day you're gonna leave; You turned your back and there was no one there; Have ever been walking down the street; Hoping there would be someone new to ...

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13. Verdict: Unknown

How can lost dreams be falling apart; When I don't know where they are? And all these places I can't find? In my mind I can see room for change, Forgotten opportunity; But I'm not giving up yet; How c...

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14. Wednesday

Hello, I say, nice to see you today; Goodbye again farewell my friend; Its been so long since you've be here; Near to my heart; In these times I'm lonely I find comfort in your memory; Do you think th...

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15. Xing Xing

Xing Xing I knew you before I was five years old, What would I do to see that face again? When everyone is looking for their lonely future; And I'm just waiting for my friends; What would it take for ...

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