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1. Created Fantasy

Lost in confusion we stand on the edge, visions and pictures created for you to believe. It all looks the same like loops in unreal, illusions they are to gain. ; We're facing the abyss of hearts, lon...

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2. End Of Time

Don't you see the future is now, and your turn has come to an end. You can say that the world now will die and the devil will take you to hell. We never believed in you and we always had our faith. We...

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3. Enlighten Me

War plundering the land, murder and death. There is slavery and greed. Laws protect the wealth through lobbying in the halls. But we can see all the lies written in histories witnessed testify, greed ...

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4. Force Of The World

There was a time when they were strong, we were living in the dark. They thought that we wouldn't know, but our visions will never die. ; We were just going on and on, in a haze full of lies. With sor...

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5. Mandrakes Dream

Out of the night and in to eternety we fly the wings of a unicorn, through fire, ice and storm. Across the seven seas we fly to find the eye of the venoms crown, there's the point of no return. Back f...

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6. Master Of My Soul

Indoctrination far beyond reality, manipulations of the human kind. Now the world has faced control, living in the grip of fortune 500. ; I'm learning to be the king of my mind, and master of my soul....

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7. Metal Mind

Slaves of religions posessed by the waste, faithfull they follow their trust. Chained are the herd that takes all the blame, forgiven; with threats if they pray. ; Blessed are the children with sorrow...

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8. Silent Screams

Wishing my eyes were closed, and the night has taken me away. Flowers above my head and its leaves will bring me east of the dawn. So there is just nothing I fear more than love, and the angel that on...

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9. We Will Rise

I just closed my eyes. Everytime lightning pierced my mind. I don`t feel the pain no more. It will never end. We will face it all again where they crossed our way. We will stand for all and we will fi...

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10. When Will I Know

Time only wasted. This is my belief. Days all like twins all the same. What can I do to bring life back to me? Searching my soul and I see. Will this always be? This is the way I'm walking through lif...

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