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1. Another

Another virus breaks; Spreading out of control; Another protocol; We ratify its hold; Stretch the truth to fill the hour; Sweeten it until it's sour; One more angle left to cover; I don't want to hear...

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2. Future 1970

Mr. Headroom does the news at night; Simulators cook my food in flight; I would say before too long; We may see the Jetsons; And I will fly my bubble through the milky way; I would say before we're go...

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3. Habitual

Crack the shell; Take the earth away; Open my eyes; A seed rips through the gray; Breath in deep; Take the moon away; Feeling no ground; Turn the dust to clay; There I go; But here I come again; There...

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4. I Hardly Know Myself

From age to age; A flight from the mind; I can't believe the situations I find; Into this madness, am I still sane? Back where I was, and then it happens again; Tear from the mold; Fight to the last; ...

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5. Mass Transit

I walked into the store; Until I saw your eyes; Turned and ran from the isle; The mirror wouldn't lie; Went to the next building down; Why do you hang around; Drive my car or took a plane; I rode my b...

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6. My Infection

Sometimes I slow down long enough; But it's only long enough to let her; To let her know I'm alive; And I used to let her go along; But she only wants to slow me down; But I can't when I drive; I know...

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7. People Mover

Take me, I need to glide; I believe it's time for me to be free; Come again, just passed your stand; I'm hovering 50 feet above the street; It must; Be my; Own decision; Won't ask; You to; Ride my vis...

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8. Rainbow

Here's something very simple; So simple to ignore; So ignorant remember; I can't remember more; Frustrated got to think it over; What direction is it I must go; Constipated and living sober; Where's t...

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9. The Hairdresser

You felt right from when we first began; And since then time and time again; But I couldn't stand to see it end; You would have left eventually; Found something new and interesting; I couldn't be ther...

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10. Waiting

I know that you'll be waiting; I know that you'll be waiting; I know that you'll be waiting for me; I pretend that you are still around; And I see pictures moving without sound; I remember eyes behind...

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