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1. All The Roses

Oh lord or whoever is out there today; I confess my sins in front of you; I've been mean to people; Oh lord, I find myself abstract; Where do I fit in; I'm in the middle of something; Why does memory ...

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2. Bearer Of Bullets

You shot me down; In water I remember all; In the lens I fall; Eleven months and I recovered; Eleven months and I forgot what day it was; Eleven months; I know the promise was heady as the wine that f...

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3. Cover My Eyes

Following the beating of my heart; Here, there are cracks in the horizon; Between heaven and earth; So dark you can? t tell them apart; Deeper the meaning of destruction; Death is hiding somewhere; Co...

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4. Desolate

Drinking all the lust that fills my heart with light, awe and regret; Slowly hands are taking over; Fill my need I can't be blamed; Why not feel a bit of anything while you can; Desolate; When words a...

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5. Far Away From You

I was never where you wanted; I could never act professional; All the words I lay before you; I didn't dare to provoke you; (Demanding another war); I was wearing all the wrong clothes; But I have nev...

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6. Heart

Run away run away with me you tameless heart; Pulling me deeper into the dark; In the earth, under pines that rise up to the sky; I bury a piece of my dependance in a lullaby; I can hear you call like...

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7. Human

Oh hello, faith or run; Saying something of a man; You will help me show the light; The light that we don't share; Brought my gun; Take it all; Seal it deep into your soul; Clutching hands loose it al...

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8. I'm Dead

Do you see the raindrops falling from the roof; How you stretch a long arm; Too cold to bruise; Yellow, green and orange; I'm blank, obliged; Deliver light; AAh; I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead; I...

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9. Live To Prepare

There was a tale of a landscape; A foreign land where the love we lost survived; I heard your voice calling me astray; A lighthouse in the rain; I wasn't with you when your face turned pale; Your laug...

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10. My Little Ghost

The word is out; I wonder can it fly; When time is up I crumble with it; Barely colorblind; A banquet inside my mind; Time is up; I stumble to it; My little ghost became a wonder; Oh love, instead of ...

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11. Silent Agreement

Follow the path, a river deep; Wear nothing but the night; Humid and sweet; Over the hill I flow so fast; Pour myself out to keep pushing you back; Feel I'm going under, Feel I'm going under; See me g...

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12. Snow Glass Apple

Hey, lucid dreams awake; Ready to stall the night over this; Lower your guard; I'm just what you are; Let the beat follow steady; A feel of something implied; When a breath dies, you breathe into mine...

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13. Suicide Bridge

I live under suicide bridge; I eat when they fall off; The whisper of police on the street; Creeping nearer yet; Don't you think I'm bad; Hold me closer tiny feather; Be my righteous alibi; Oh my hear...

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14. The Keys

Countless nights the darkness has ridden me; Repressed me, possessed me, controlled me; I see no light, no further path to place my feet; No love to eat; I am not wanted here; Not loved; I believe any...

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