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1. 30 Days

Who's gonna keep me warm at night when your gone? Who's gonna hold me tight and sing me silly songs? I want to run and hide, but I have to be strong. Cuz it's tearing me up inside that your leaving fo...

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2. Los Angeles, Louisiana

Drove past your house today and I wondered if you were there. Are you listenin' to your record collection? Or maybe fixin' your hair? Maybe watchin' some television, maybe some Degrassi High? Wonder w...

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3. Mikey Says

Mikey says he loves you; Mikey says he tried; Mikey wants to see you; Mikey needs a ride; Mikey has a girlfriend; Mikey has a band; Mikey wants to see you; And he wants to hold your hand; Mikey says; ...

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4. Stone's Throw

Sink into a world of see-thru cold; Separate your heart and head and; Summer's just a stone's throw away; Tell yourself you'll never be that old; Holding hands I look at you and say; Summer's 2 weeks ...

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