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1. 4me 4never

I guess i'm gonna comit suicide, all the time i got a problem, not a small, but a big one, i think that's you cold help me, on that bad time when everything goes wrong, ... your company make me feel s...

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2. Don't Wanna Be

At the start, I was accepcting, All the jokes, about myself, But now, i got it i see, All my friends, they are calling me, The Nobody of the class. ; I just don't wanna be. The Nobody of the class. Th...

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3. Full Empty Half

After I wake up, i look into the mirror, and i see, All my past running trought my head, All the bad things that happened, And my living nightmare begin, A full day of suffering. ; (Chorus); For you, ...

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4. Love With Love

Love with love, its all i say, To every single person here, I tell to all on tis place, Theres no way to love without, love. ; A lot of people just say what they think feel, but the truth is that they...

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5. Never There Near

All the time I've spent alone, don't confort me at all. All the time i've stayied there, Looking to your pic on wall. All the time i've cryied for you, That don't made me stronger at all. ; When i was...

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6. The Most Bright Star

When we was children, When we played in the park, Making little dances and painting whit blue dye, I will never forget that sunny day. When we was running in the grass, When i falled and hurt myself, ...

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7. The World Of Cares

In this world, where all care about one thing. A thing thats made then crazy. A thing thats couldn't be changed. A thing thats destroyed the world. And that thing, was just, nothing... ; In this world...

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