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1. Against The Grain

Do you know me? Tell me what you believe; How dare you judge me; I am more than what you see; I made this life; And everyone a friend; Still you turned on me; Shown true colors; You never listen; You ...

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2. Anchored Heart

Try and hold me back; You fail every time; No chains can restrain; Level barriers one by one; Only one way to go; Thats up above the rest; Breath through every wall; Iron will; I wont give up; Never a...

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3. At My Side

You can't question my pride, you can't doubt my loyalty. My friends are at my side until the day that I die. At my side, till the day that I die, at my side. Nothing you say or do will ever bring us d...

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4. Bloodflow

This life is not worth living, I can't keep fighting these thoughts, they consume every piece of my mind. My choice is made now it's time to die. My choice has been made, only I can control my own fat...

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5. Burning Age

Another day of breathing; Acrid and thick, I inhale; Feel it burn inside; When will the smoke clear; Seems like its been forever; Seen only death and disease; With every breath I'm dying; See my fate ...

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6. Chopping Block

This is your end; No one to save you; Tore a hole through me; Left me for dead; Tare down your walls; To fill my soul; Consume this hate; To make me whole; This is who I am; How does it feel to loose ...

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7. Hollowed

Shudder at the though; How distant you became; Your eyes, clouded over; Haunted by yesterday; Dissipate; Right in front of me; Desolate; Feeding on emptiness; Soul bled; Left you hollow; Dissipate; Ri...

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8. Kingdom Undone

One man to rule them all; Conceived son of God; He will destroy us; Bleed the world dry; Power corrupted; Infected mind; Unholy messenger; Drank blood, of the martyr; Deceived and in denial; Betrayed ...

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9. Means To An End

Lies built the prophecy, or so it's said. And existance built upon deception. I wanted to believe. Damnation, I recieved, born of sin, scarred by faith, all by you, betrayal. Too many times I wondered...

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10. My Suffering

Is every word you say just another lie? ...I won't believe in your bullshit cries. From the day we met you have had one intent, to see me suffer. Until you see me dead, our friendship is long in the p...

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11. No Others

True till the end? You can never bring us down even as hard as you try. Talk your shit, spread your lies. In my friends I rely. Truth and honor, the ties that bind our way of life. Justified. Stand ta...

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12. No Way Out

It was never the same, I had no one to blame, but myself. For every step that I take in life, I walk alone with on one else to turn to. All the dreams I've lost have put my mind to waste. All the gree...

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13. Rise & Fight

Get up, get on your feet; I watched long enough; Time is now, to make things right; We must overcome gone on for to long; Where do you cross the line; Kept us down and out; Got rich while we were blin...

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14. Solemn Promise

Think you are alone; You have never been more wrong; This affliction; Kills a piece of us all; Drowning inside out; Swallow fatal frame; Don't hold your breath; I swear, you will breathe again; This i...

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15. Suffer In Silence

No innocent ignorance; Constant impetuous; Commit to nothing; What have you become; Remain oblivious, this world cold and calloused; Chew you up, spit you out; And never bat an eye; Cant you see I'm r...

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16. The Vorhees Complex

Annihilation; Exterminate; Pressure mounting; Watch every move; Weight of the world; Crushing you; Cripple order; Destroy control; Death at the doorstep; Strings us all; Ever fleeting; Hope is broken;...

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17. Trials Of Triumph

My stride can't be broken; Always gaining ground; It'll prove you wrong; In steel my will is forged; Spark lights the friction; Mountains set in motion; Its not a slow burn; This is a firestorm; Impet...

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18. Vendetta

Over before the start; Our eyes will never meet again; Cry after cry, lie after lie; Built upon deceit; You know what I believe; No a fucking word; With all you fabricate; How can you grip reality; Sh...

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