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1. Betrayal

Did you really think i was going to wait? did you really think that you were that great? well yes you were, but now there is nothing more to say; you're fading away, and now it's just to late; Two fac...

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2. Dreams Of Terror

She's from whom is behind her; Screaming with terror in mind; The nightmare attacks; There's nowhere to run; Theres something screeching out side; She doesn't want to sleep alone; Now she's trapped in...

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3. Massive Execution

In the circle pit you'll die; Mess with us you won't survive; Poser's they are gonna pay; Sudden death is here to stay; So now you better run! Thrashers they will have your head! The blood upon the st...

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4. Metal Forever

Look at the burning sky Flames of demise; The earth screams of pain; The birth of metal can not be tamed; Winter Sun freezes the land; Tornado of Soul filled with the dammed; Judas rising from the aby...

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5. Spread The Fire!!!

Walking Around with a twitch in your eye; Wishing it was the 80's when we ruled in; our time, but open your eyes and look; around, Thrash is coming back, and we'll; put up a fight; SPREAD THE FIRE! SP...

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6. Striking Death

Evil rising from the ground; Tumbling walls a piercing sound; They're looking for your trembling soul; His evil eyes burn through your soul; Not a man but yes a foe; Its judgment day taking it's toll;...

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7. Thrash Is Back

Denim, leather, thrash is what we are! Bang your head against the stage; At baloffs command; Thrashing, smashing...posers on the floor!! We'll leave you on the floor,bruised and sore; Thrash is back! ...

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