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1. Addicted

I got the feeling hanging out this time; I tried to reason and open up my mind; two dollars more for a fifty dollar whore you feel the lie of the second life; its life smoking with speed and drinking ...

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2. Deep

I’ve been locked up (for some time now); I’ve been screwed up (for some time now) strung out messed up (for some time now) tied up pissed off; When will I get out this time well I ride yea; I ride yea...

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3. Disturbed

Contradiction... greed and lust, caused a lonely young man to clone the cyber slut. Her minds a mess, and her heart has a hole, This mans not god so that bitch has no soul. A world of lust will be his...

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4. Everlasting

Blood on my hands the evererlasting man somethings gone wrong here; to leave a man cold pray the dust turns to gold somethings left unclear; to sit all alone with my heart on a thowne miss my life lik...

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5. Throwing Rocks

What’s up with kids these days; with there fucked up ways; candy coated punk rock attitude; tattoos of stenciled stars Japanese guitars supped up lowered cars paid for credit cards; Well I feel like i...

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6. Wrong Again

I remember when, you promised that you'd give to me all of your honesty but that’s a lie, I remember how you gave it all you got, for such a short time and that’s all you'd try, but still you seem to ...

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