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1. In My Arms

The road I know is the road I go; And the life I live and the life you know; Give me all of your affection; Share a little love with me and that's the thing; I just wanna hold you in my arms; And I ju...

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2. Love So Cold

Our love, so alone; Don't last alone with a love so cold; I let this thing that I'm a solitude type; With less conviction when I'm lone in this plight; I hit the bars and then the clubs with the light...

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3. On Your Own

Hello, it's only me; I come and go with minimum flare; I've been your closest ally; You're coming like them waves; I know that you're unstoppable baby; I'll be your hardest critic; On your own, feelin...

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4. Visitors

(Feat. Dave Gahan); When you break up the boys from the men; It feels just like me and then; and for the love of our hidden eye; Do something with your hands; When you pick up the book with no end; It...

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