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1. Asylum

Born in a void, Living in a dream world. Worthless life, Makes you obscene. ; Reality; Insanity; Conspiracy; Psychiatry; Words were spoken, Minds were broken. Shapeless illusion, Destroys confusion.

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2. Confusion By Satue Fall

Mind body and spirit, joined together all's well. Blended together, on an arrow that's true. Never to be lost, your heart is your home. As long as you've peace, you're never alone. Peace to your soul,...

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3. Hymn To The Archangel

Want to fly with the angels, Want to soar through the moonlit sky. Stretch my aching fingers, Touch the moon and the starlit night. Let colours of life, Flow through my veins. Stop only when the need ...

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4. I Am The White Wizards

Find energy in your life, Let the burning sun melt the snow. Find passion in your soul, And let the ice winds blow. Sinking by force, Fight every war. ; Burn higher and higher, To the light that you s...

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5. Look To The Future

Because your dreams are pursuing the past. Where fantasy meets reality, And all that you strive for is lost. Gone away. Behind you forgotten answers tantalise, In front they dance ahead. But the faste...

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6. Red Flower Girl

Warm breath is gone. Help me find a way, Help me to remain. ; Chorus; Part of me and part of you, Without you I am lost. Candlelit tears stream in to the night, ; I am a shadow waiting for light. Red ...

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7. Witches Kiss

She came to me on the snow-white mist. Desires and dreams at last come true. But I was caught in the witches' brew. ; Frozen eyes with ice blood snow. A winters heart that always beats cold. My lips d...

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