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1. Censorship Equals

I eliminate offence – protect the innocent; Against all harsh realities; I’m constantly fighting offensive; Subject the messages of youthal fear; Torture – murder – isolation – violence; I create the ...

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2. Defect Dimension Of Souls

Insane people suffocate – from their lives; In between we all live a life in vain; Exterior appearance; In nature we all look alive; Inside we die – slowly but sure; A malevolent way of life; Put on t...

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3. In The Shadow Of Your Soul

In confusion; I never knew how you felt about me; My devotion – now I guess you’ll never see it; My love to you will never be – recognized; You saw me as a liar – a god damn liar; Fooling your emotion...

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4. Life In Misery

Life in misery; Life in misery; Why resist – when no one makes a sacrifice anymore; Why exist – when our egos reflect the greed of a carnivore; Predict – The End is coming nearer and no one gives a sh...

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5. Obsession

In darkness we all roam; Among the shadows; Souls trapped from chemical waste; Useless minds – paralyzed minds; In Hell I fight to save my soul; The one thing I seek is control; But in Hell I’ll stay;...

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6. Once And For All

It has just been notified that a b-2 aircraft has been sent to ex-Jugoslavia; to end the fightings between the Serbs and Croatians. According to military; sources the plane is armed with a nuclear bom...

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7. Puss Gore N Decay

My gift in this life includes hate; Mutilate, humiliate; Expurgate all weakened souls; I’m still seen as a human enormity; Depict in puss, gore ‘n’ decay; I love the blood that flows free in my hands;...

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8. Streetwalker Song

Streetwalker is what they call me; ‘Cause that’s what I do; From the streets of freedom; With no place to go; Nature is my home and here I belong; To walk the streets of freedom; And sing my streetwal...

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