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1. Condense

You go while I stay; Watching the world turn inside out; Give me one last day; This last chance to say goodbye; I know you don't play; Saying it's my fault everytime; This is no hearsay; The truth sme...

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2. Crazy

Make me crazy; Electricity shocks pound under my skin; Let me be your burden of sin; Until you finally crucify me; Your body is my wonderland; Let me guide you with my hand; Our attraction irrestistib...

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3. Crossroads

I see you standing at the shore; of stony mountains cold and gray; Our thoughts collide my heart feels warm; We must awake before break of the day; Remember moments left behind; Like stormy seas swept...

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4. Foolish Dreams

Now did you know that I'm a scientist of life; And did you know that my pathetic mind runs wild; Oh tell me did you know? If only you dreamt of me like I dream of you; If only you could feel of what m...

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5. Home

Peaceful like an ocean before the storm; I am floating down the causeway; To the sound of a silent stream; In the middle of nowhere; Dancing inside my mind and in my head; She is moving like a flower;...

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6. Hypocrite

Your smile once warm has turned so cold; Feel the fire fading; A house divided sure must fall; So let's unite here one and all; Tell me why we're waiting; Tell me what we're waiting for; Tell me why w...

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7. I Get Excited (you Get Excited Too)

we're both in the gutter, that's no surprise; what does it matter, when i look in your eyes? we've lost all our money, we're thrown out of bars; we're lying in the gutter, but we're looking at the sta...

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8. Irony

Hey these may be the final words; We may ever get to say; So let's not worry about small regrets; It's too late for that anyway; Hey you eternal optimist; Have you still not had enough? No place left ...

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9. King Of Pain

the king of pain; i am today; life in my veins; has gone away; indifferent thoughts; and vanished tears; in great distress; of all my fears; divides my heart; sorrunding me; this troubled mind; it won...

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10. Lift The Veil

this world of sorrow fear and pain; standing in your healing rain; lift the veil within our minds; refuse to taste this poisoned wine; from frozen plains within our hearts; release us from these darke...

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11. Tanz Die Revolution

willkommen zum tanze der revolution; jung und unersaettlich; stark und doch verletzlich; wir hatten keinen krieg gesehn; von styling kriegen abgesehen; konsum war was uns antrieb; die welt ein industr...

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12. War/flashbacks

In this room full of people; I am still ten thousand miles away; In the eye of my broken mind; I woke that night and cried out; I saw you running through the flames; I knew that you were gone forever;...

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13. Warmongers

hey yoh trooper you're the coolest kid in town; join the warmachine and fight on foreign ground; our intentions are righteousness and peace; this can be your show go feed the weaponry; go and give you...

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