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1. Dream Come True

Love of my life, I don't have a lot to give you; What's in my heart is all that I can really give you; Love... undying love is all I have; A handful of words that might make you laugh; And all the str...

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2. Head Over Heels

I fooled around and fell in love; I must have lost my head, what was I thinking of? I tried so hard to keep my cool; I'm no better than those other fools; Now, I'm head over heels for you; I thought I...

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3. Pauper In Paradise

i..... have a simple point of view; no obsessions i pursue; i'm a poor man, though i do not need a thing; i..... have a wealth of another kind; opulence is state of mind; i'm a poor man, with a fortun...

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4. Should I See

cover my eyes and ears; til it all dissapears; how can you judge for me; what i should hear and see; you take away freedom of choice; take away the right to voice; my beliefs and and all my views; you...

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