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1. Castle Of Trust

Brother, I´m here to clear your mind; And show you feelings I can´t hide; Once we decided; We´d be one same blood; Then I was sure; Nothing would tear us apart; No; What true friends build; No human f...

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2. Dry Blood

Centuries of dry blood we´ve been sweeping; Can´t believe all this hate we are breeding; Swords n´bombs, no matter how you slash them; We always terminate and then we cry; Our faith in brotherhood we ...

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3. Frozen Fire

I just can´t find reasons to dream; Fading so far away right here; Tears rolling towards my dry eyes; I feel arrested by my fears; Sometimes I feel I´m less than me; My desillusions; Sunk in frozen fi...

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4. Future Of Mankind

When you walk through the city, only monsters you meet; Is it heaven or is it hell ? When you look at the mirror, the face that you see; Is it you or someone else ? Violation, desperation, crap of hum...

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5. Now & Forever

Fight... against my own past; Denying the mess; Now I have to be strong to solve my own crime; That´s burning in my mind; Alone in the dark; They said I was wrong; But I can´t realize; I can´t realize...

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6. Road Of No End

Many weird stuff we´re tempted to follow; One double click away and then we´re all down; Suddenly trapped your mind into a hollow; A lot of junk, greed and hate among fancy displays of freedom; All wa...

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7. Strange Reaction

When I was sleeping alone at the beach; I didn´t know what I was going to meet; A faster and faster heartbeat took me down; Crashing vibrations and burstering sounds; Like in an explosion, I jumped fr...

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8. Temporary File

It´s hell to learn lessons only when you hit your face on the ground; It seems that all the values, all the faith in my belief´s turned around; You knew it all; Don´t you say you didn´t see; Everythin...

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