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1. Everlasting Battle

A shadow lays silent upon us; As we march through the frozen plains; The north wind blows in our faces; Torture and pain we brought with us; Waiting for the last command; The day of our wrath has come...

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2. Frozen Death

Many moved to fight for honour; What the found was death and ruin; Thousands remained in this icy hell; Slaughtered in the name of insanity; Life consisted only of pain; Death turned into a friend; Th...

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3. Khaine's Child

The pale fullmoon is rising; No more longer hiding; Hunters becomes hunted; Hunted becomes hunters; Khains child i am; Burning flame of bloodthirst; Honored by satan; One of the blessed race; I'm leav...

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4. Our War

The darkness sorrounded us; With a sadistic curse; Frozen blood runs through our veins; Poisened by the breath of satan; Stars and moon shinnig bloodred; The creatures of the night howling in the snow...

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