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1. Across the Sea

Deep in the night I was feeling undone; Coming to light for my eyes had been hard; Looking for peace through the oceans we sail; Dreaming the shores; Where we will find a new hope; For our soul to sta...

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2. Chasing Lights

Out in the darkness; Of the coldest winter night; Walking through the ashes; Of a dream I once called life; A lonely reflection of the one I used to be; Without a direction there for my eyes to see; I...

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3. Everwinter

This is the spell time for everwinter; The frozen hell run for your life; It comes with the wind as the prophecies told; The realm is meant to be hidden in snow; Treasured in ice, beauty lies in the c...

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4. Fail no More

After many years spent far away; We are back home; Back to rule our land again; And to steal back our crown; Fleeing out; From the city of the blind men; We've returned; And we're going to stay as lon...

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5. I Am the Tyrant

Born from the depths in the highlands; Between the daughters of wind; And the sons of the sea; Raised by the wolves and their hunger; I knew the world's bloody end; Before the struggle began; Hail to ...

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6. Kings

Howling, crawling; The creatures are screaming at nighttime; We'll be holding up the blades for the broken; For the fears we live today; For the moment we'll realize; That everything is dying with the...

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7. Netherstorm

Born in silence, in the darkest blaze; We hold the winter in our clench; The storm lives through our veins; We'll ascend to the outer space; Come back with the power of a thousand flames; Holding up h...

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8. Queen of Blades

Wind driving my wings for the final call; Coming to life as the flowers fall; Our grace will return with the brightest light; The will inside has left away; Those whispers in my head; And I've found a...

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9. The Shieldmaiden

One last time, learning to live once again; After saving myself from these demons of mine; I escaped my own prison as I couldn't see; All my life I was carried away with the stream; After losing mysel...

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10. To Infinity

Since the time and the innocence; We've lost, won't return; We will ride through the echo of night and beyond; History will not repeat itself, just stay with me; As long as you remit we'll find them o...

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