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1. A Cruel Verse

For a spirit, evil, this way comes; Lament and howl, for this spirit from the North; As a lion coming up from its lair; It will destroy you!”; He will throw you down your blood splatters; You’ll be tr...

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2. A Terrible Visitation

I've seen the future... And you die; All faces wax pale... ; Deep within the trembling begins; Trumpets sounding warning and war; Watching from a tower of sin; Over the mountain; Comes the Black Swarm...

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3. Adorers Of Blood

Adorers Of Blood; You are the Ancient One; The Ancient of Days; The end and the beginning; The object of my praise; You’re the Morning Star; You’re the Midnight Sun; I Am that I Am; You’re the Victory...

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4. Crucifixion

Everyone who follows Satan’s evil schemes; Shall bring swift destruction on their heads; Exploiting their children with satanic lies; Harm for harm shall be destroyed and perish in their death; For My...

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5. Desecrator

The Crucifix immersed in piss; The Holy Virgin smeared in excrement; The body of Christ in disembowelment; The words of Christ mocked and twisted; The Son of God called a bastard; The Word of God torn...

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6. Immortals

I have immortal life through; The Blood of Jesus Christ, I; Was unleashed from the chains of sin and death; I will never die, no; Redeemed, life of freedom; Eternal salvation, seated in heavenly place...

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7. Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence

Let all mortal flesh keep silence, And with fear and trembling stand;; Ponder nothing earthly minded, For with blessing in His hand, Christ our God to earth descendeth, Our full homage to demand. ; Ki...

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8. Lord Of Darkness

Colours now fading, the sun burns dark orange; The trees ominous silhouettes; Foul cease their chorus cold winds taking over; Howling through bleak crevasses; With the forest eclipsed sun; And black c...

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9. Nightfall's Cold Kiss

The searing heat is fading; The fire that burned my skin; My blistered flesh is cooling; With the dying rays of Sun; Dying Sun; The howling winds bring comfort to my weary soul; And I close my eyes an...

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10. Notions Of Insanity

Thrown to the wolves and you relish the pain; Like a shriveled weed in a rotted bouquet; Glutted on death and you’re thirsty again; And like a dog, you return to your vomit; Your place of sorrows and ...

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11. Of Spirit And Power

Before the dawn we gather we are drawn; Moving in cold state; With hearts of fire, of Spirit and of power; We enter sacred halls to quench a thirst so vast so great; In these hallowed halls; Is knowle...

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12. Shattered Gods

I am the War Club; The weapon for battle; I shatter nations; I destroy kingdoms; I shatter horse and rider; Chariot and driver; I shatter man and woman; I shatter boy and maiden; I come with a destroy...

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