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1. Black Light Machine

I’m just a stranger; I walk in the black light; Boy to a soldier; I’m fighting the good fight; And I wait; I wanna go, don’t wanna know; ‘bout the danger; I’m just a farm boy; Just doin’ what I can; W...

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2. Dear Dead Days

Home; The violence of your name; Still soothes me all the same; With echoes of my past; Safe surroundings; Meant to last; Everybody got an explanation; For a world that has lost sensation; Nothing sav...

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3. Experiments In Mass Appeal

I don't care if you don't mind; Modern life's the mocking kind; But tell me how I came to be; Married to my enemy? Of all the things you want to be; The earth beneath the industry; An ideal and an inn...

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4. Falling Down

Life, it all became too much; It's easier to run; An early warning sign; Take arms and charge the line; Four reasons, I told you lies; Four reasons, why we won't touch eyes; Four reasons, unsatisfied;...

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5. Milliontown

[ONE UNDERGROUND]; My worm cathedral; All earthy for your infestation; These little workers build me an empire; Your loyalty I burrowed out mined by erosion; My little kingdom ready for me now; These ...

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6. No Me No You

No right no wrong no true no lie; No I no long no live no die; No heart no break no see no hear; No real no fake no cry no fear; No hear no see no see no feel; No feel no be no thing be real; No here ...

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7. Pocket Sun

Feels like over; Feels like over; I've got this window on my wall; When she lights up I see it all; The now and then, the yet to be; So I get out there and I run free; Lost; In time; Life line; You're...

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8. Saline

If I; Say why; Will you cry; To please me? Tell me lies; Fail to try; Say goodbye; It's easy; Eyes cry; Tears dry; Tongues tie; Release me; Blue sky; Mind's eye; Do or die; Appease me; Fine chilling m...

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9. Snowman

Death has done her work this morning; Cutting me back down to size; Frozen in this winter warning; Gentle in it’s own demise; Starving sun in deep November; It cannot feed us any more; Leaving us this...

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10. The Other Me

I got the news today; Elsewhere I am dividing; Feels like my world is ending; I’ve made another me; Warm, red, barely dead; Thoughts running through my other head; Fingers twitching, muscle building; ...

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11. Toys

Here and now; I'm a waterfall; Fall through me; I'll emulate your tears; See me now; I'm a superstar; Still shining; I'll burn you when you're near; Ego come and ego go; The eyes say I, the mind say n...

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12. Welcome To Nowhere

Life unreal; The feeding of the fear; An error of creation; No love left in here; And I see; You falling out for fun; United in division; Defy everyone; It's all a game; The hurting and the healing; B...

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13. Wonderland

Hero, touching down refugee from the ground; Say hello, dance along to the light and the sound; Hero, stealing hope from the words in your mouth; But fear grows, never far from the pain and the doubt;...

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14. You/i

You talk, you think you own me; You miss the point completely; These things I do, they're not for you; I'm sick, I'm tired; Leave me alone

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