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1. Abul Abbas

Ticking clocks will beat as one; You and i and the wasted day; Ticking hearts will beat as one to end our days; Just as long as you were the one to stop the world; Just as long as you will stay; You a...

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2. Bones

We send a child to wade in/to check; the depth of what's to come revolution; We tape the conversation/we tape the wrong; we tape in red revolution; We send in love our anger/we send; in love the warm ...

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3. Little Wolves

Along the way; count the weapons; Count the wolves; count the sheep; Ufos have gone to heaven; Ufos have lost the way; It's ours to level; It's ours obliterate; We've all been brought to heaven; We've...

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4. Marching Line

We have gone the wrong direction; Paths we've carved with our two hands; We have gone in all directions; We have lacked to look ahead; We have passed in routes of rivers; Beyond straits of other's lan...

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5. Poor Souls

We're safe in our homes; In our locked and separate ways; We save till our palms our cash above our grave; We save till our homes burst apart across the seams; We save till our hearts are all gone and...

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6. Sea Of Galilee

Past summer safes; have locked our charms; Distorted frames; exposed but never ours; Just pass us by in waves of grain you'll see again; Blown out to white it blinds to an endless sea of sins; Our pre...

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7. You Are Secrets

Lights fade in our home; old friends lost in shadows; You and i know; You and I know we like who they are; This is what we are; It is what we are; You are what you do when no one's looking; Old lambs ...

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8. Young Lives

Young star a way to keep on course; Young lives a way to keep us warm; Young live to keep us safe; Young lives a web to weave us whole; You live a way to heal our wounds from burning; White white hot;...

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