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1. Even Hearts

Well I need a reason to take another look into her eyes; And I can't help this feeling; A feeling that I can no longer hide; Well it feels like she could be mine; (Ahh); Does she know something that I...

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2. Full Moon

I find comfort in a full moon, late at night; My thoughts spill out into the room, creates the tide; takes me out, breaks me down again; It's like everything you do, so defies; Seperates me into two a...

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3. It's Up To Me Now

I need a little help getting out of my mind; Help me through these strange times; You say I need to change; The direction of my life; Don't know what's wrong; Don't know what's right; Ahh; 'Cause I kn...

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4. Streets We're Born In

There's something going on inside my mind; I can't explain; Take me to a distant time; And another place; Tomorrow I'll be gone; Without a trace; Ohh; Come find me in the morning; If I tell you when; ...

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5. Youth

I was thinking of all the things that I could say to you tonight; Do you remember yesterday; and that oath you made me take; To do you wrong, treat you right; Well I think that I've made up my mind; Y...

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