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1. All The Same

My head is aching from the knowing; that this world is much more older than it's told; and we're shaking from the cold; because all we know dissapears when we get old; I may be young but I know that I...

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2. Dying Trees

Blame me for being self-centered at times; being the cure for leaking eyes I... do not have time to enjoy the night; and as the days roll over time and again; to place their hand upon my head; I will ...

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3. Escape Route

We grew up and fell apart now; and all your stories were scaring the shit out of me. I miss you smiling and your right punt; I miss you scaring, scaring the shit out of me. I grew up and joined a rock...

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4. Intro

The night's always long; when your up with your thoughts; but your thoughts are all wrong; so you put them into song; and your head always aches; and your will always fades; and the hearts around you ...

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5. Never Change

There's a raindrop in my eyelid; there's a kick drum in my head; and everytime I get sleepy I just cannot get to bed; because my brain isn't working; and my steps don't repeat; and the cracks in the s...

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6. Old Soul

I guess I'm an aging soul; That's why home's always somewhere else; from here, from here; I've gotten so old; With all the stories I've heard; So some of the people I know; Barely seem so close; I gue...

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7. The Whispering Game

It's sunset colours; In the once plain sky; Are a play of brilliance; To your hazel eyes; I don't know how; I got here or quite why; But i'm happy here inside; Chorus:; Cause you are my roots; My feet...

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8. Working Man

And contrary to what some say you will leave me; because I am away; and what you need has conceived me; you will wait... you will wait; My eyes need to learn to shut in the evening; yes I need to slee...

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