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1. Anything

I took all of my pride; And I shoved it in a box full of deadly sins and threw away the keys; And if I don't get out of bed; And try and see the sun; I will waste away and never dream again; Do we eve...

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2. Ghost

I became everything and all at once I was nothing; I couldn't take anymore; Could I hold it in my hands? I can taste it on my tongue; But I couldn't keep it all in my grasp; Too many times I was colla...

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3. Stay Outside

We came from outside, and our boots were dirty; But we hurried to get in from the cold; Can we rest our eyes if you tell us you've been; Looking for another able body? But not you, or anyone that look...

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4. The Bell

And I walk the long way home again; I was afraid that you would see my face; and ask me where I've been; And I wait for something to begin; but I'm getting older and; my days are wearing oh, so thin; ...

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5. The Monster

I hate to say it but it never felt quite right; I'm pointing fingers and I'm holding the knife; You want to stand around and stare at the night; We're only happy when we turn out the lights; I never t...

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