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1. Closure

Memories of you fade from my mind; Disappear as I close my eyes; Wishing I could shed a tear, but I feel nothing; Words so meaningless; Hindsight has led me astray once again; Look at the face of a st...

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2. Further Away

Taste this blood that has pooled around me; The last of me; The eyes of the righteous search my lifeless form; Expecting to witness a change; To fit this society, to engage in acts of the majority; I ...

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3. Hathuska Wandebegae

Raped from their land; White lies shot through the veins of the oppressed; Their eyes sewn shut as you form them into your machines for profit; Their blood soaked families suffer for your industrializ...

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4. Hope For A Bleeding Sky

Sickened by this apathy; The problems sit in front of our eyes, but we do not see; We turn our backs to where the solutions lie; Destroy all that gives us life; Left it for dead, we will soon follow; ...

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5. Shard Of Glass

No excuses for the pain you revealed to the purity of innocence; The tear of red pours from the eye of the helpless; Your infliction of dominance has stabbed through her delicate heart; Her beauty has...

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6. Tears

It seems your world is misplaced; And the sadness I see from your body tears a hole in me; Is there an answer? It seems so unclear; I only hope for the best; What is it you're thinking? I wish there w...

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