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1. A New Life

Look at my changing; If you discover my secrets; Be set fre and 'll living one new world (hostile world); In darkness without suffering; But you still fallen awake; Survive...i? the death and come in ...

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2. Born For Stay

I feel fear, my bed I seem to fall of the sky; I feel wing metallic to scare my will to fix - me in this soil. falling for the emptiness to be distant; but I do not want to go; and I do not want to fa...

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3. For Respect

you will have that to say good byes; to the signal that always find; our value always will be greater; that any judgment and disrespect; regarding this the law was constructed? it anger to arrive and ...

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4. From All Lies

it opens the eyes, invincible person! it sees the side cold it are of you; this cause fear here inside; it sees that no passes of plus a lying; drug of false people around; to forbid acts stops in pro...

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5. Iron Scars

this was the street that history destroyed; at the same time you killed there for; its dreams changed for pain; suffering played to the soil in the deep; punishment or salvation? we are not the holy g...

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6. My Last Desaster

I saw the sky to darken; with wing of the evil interest, I was waked up; when I go even so? I do not want to be souvenir; therefore still I make the gift; asking for something more good to live; and o...

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7. The Memories Tempest

storm, has led even so with its winds forgets my memories to me this place; rain appears to take the wounded soul; to discover ways to obtain to live in peace; fought until being wounded by hatred; st...

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