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1. Hey You

Hey you, don't you ever wanna cry for me more; Tried to hurt you just to make you know who it's for; I've been wanting your love ever since you went gone; All this time on my own; Hey you won't you ev...

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2. Hibiskus Park

I'm sitting here with my pen and paper; I don't know what I'm gonna say; I've been around a million places; But everything seems to stay the same; Looking out from a dirty window; Lights go on but no ...

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3. I Want You

I want you to say how much I love you; Cause I don't think I'll know ever again; I want you to tell me how to be happy; Cause I've lost it and don't think it will come back; I want you to see what I'v...

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4. Larionov

So, I've; Be-be-be-be-been working my way back home; I've been taking; Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-taking all the buses I know; From flusies; To daisies; To women; It's crazy; I've always; Been out there; But n...

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5. Manwhore

I am stack here; In the arms of my mother; I am fighting; But I never want to break free; The comfort in the smell; That tickles my nostrils; Makes me tired and I; Just want to sleep; The heartbeat; A...

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6. People Are Getting Old

The people around me; Keeps getting older and older; I'm thinking if it's me; That has fallen out of the track; The wives and the children; Has never been close for me; But now I'm in panic; So afraid...

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