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1. Forgotten

Yu man not even member bout har, ANd she a come talk bout war, Frisco Kid a gi yu something fi tell har; (Chorus); Look like some gal get forgotten, Dem nuh hot again mi a wonder wah happen, Lawd, Lon...

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2. Gal Pon de Side

Big up mi hotti hotti gal cause a she juck the best; Jah know mi love the suppen whey da gal yah possess; Right yah now tings a manifest; An mi wife out fi lef; An fi tell yuh the truth mi nuh press; ...

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3. Rubbers

I wonder more and more; If prevention is better than secure, woa naah; I want to see that girl next door; But mek sure I have dem in store; Chorus; Mi want a jook offa Jacqualine; But mi haffi draw fo...

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4. Think We Nice

Mi warn them,an a tell dem say Looks is deceiving; But dem wont believe mi from morning, an now a evening; I dont waan fi tell them again. (Ya Ya Ya Ya); Well Yuh Done know. ; Chorus; Think we nice, b...

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