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1. Ain't No Reason

Frijid Pink - Ain't No Reason; ; ; [Chorus]; Ain't no reason for the games these hoes play; [Verse 1]; Nigga, it's the year for playa haters will be exposed; These niggas fallin' off going out for the...

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2. Challenge Me

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah; Mr. met, c-rayz, breeze evaflowin', forever knowing; Word up; Yo let that beat drop, you know wha I mean; I want to hear that shit, to make my head rock; Yea, I lik...

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3. Drivin' Blues

The streets were safe, the schools were good; The mill was hummin' 24/7; I was formin' on the line 3 to 11; But 18 months and 2 days ago; The mill closed down and moved to mexico; I paid my bills, I'v...

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4. God Gave Me You

I never let you know before; But now I must confess; That only in your living arms; Could I find happiness; Yes it's taken quite a while; To show you how I feel; I just wanted to be sure; My love for ...

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5. Play In Me

It's mo thug, it's ken dawg; Let me lean on in your mind; Hit you one time; See, here it's ken rollin' off this hen; I got to do this shit again for these niggas; Who didn't think ken was bringin' wor...

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