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1. Angela

Two kids on a boat, with their dad. The life guard and some bitch, pulling, a water skier. ; The kids push their dad in the water and the boat tips over. ; The teenagers aren't looking ahead. Their bo...

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2. Barbecutioner (donny Don't Dance)

Donny Kohler plays with fire, incinerates at a job he hates, watches things and people burn. Earns his asshole bosses scorn, just a heckled momma's boy, Lives in a big creepy house, finds his mother d...

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3. Bringing Back The Bloodshed

Death, murder in your head, Technicolor gore spewing images of horror in your head now watch. The screen turns red, cinematically dead, Tools of the trade, tearing into teenager flesh is exposed, Volu...

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4. Friday The 13th Part 2

Kid out at night, splashing in puddles. Jason walks towards a house. ; Alice is having a nightmare, Flashbacks of that fateful night; Awaken from slumber then talk to mother; In and out of the shower;...

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5. Leatherface

Heading for the southlands, down Texas way; Ready for the lightening of the chainsaw blade. ; [Chorus]; Heres your invitation to come join Leatherface, It's his addiction to keep you face to face; Scr...

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6. Slayride

Christmas Eve, 1971. The family visits Granddad at the nuthouse. Vegetative, he says not a word, til the parent's are gone, then he says to the kid:; "You know what happens on Christmas Eve? He comes ...

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7. Terry Hawkings Arise!

Drug-dealing ne'er-do-well, pimping hood, pornographer; Released from prison, a misanthrope vicious and perverse; Black-hearted hatefucker: Terry Hawkins? Vengeance rising from speed and nihilism. He ...

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8. The Blood Runs In Rivers

In, to, this, church, to see a man, Who knows he could be my dad, Sign of the cross I look over and watch him pray, He touched my head and I ran away, ; "Who knows some bum degenerate wino."; Hurry up...

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9. The Island Of Humongous

Here are the monsters little toys? Once they were little girls and boys? Conceived an evil act that left a curse; God's revenge his hideous birth! On this island hidden from man; Irma fears they would...

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10. They Were Warned

Vacation to the mountains; For adventure and escape. Ignoring the warnings; Was their biggest mistake; Pig-squealing lunatics stalking; Crazed demons making a bloody mess. Hunting their ignorant prey ...

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