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1. Cherry Blossom

The way I live is strange for thee; Secluded in my fancy schemes; Concealed. Indulged in reverie; Eluding all of the extremes; One day; Then the time will come and I will bloom; And cherry blossoms wi...

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2. Children Of The Dragon

Nightfall, I feel the cold wind against my face; Look through the window, I see the chivalry; waiting for a sign of attack; The fire in the sky, the sign to begin; Only the stronger will survivor; and...

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3. Heart And Glory

They Know that we exist; Always the more fast(quick); The more strong; The more wise; This immortal; Day of battle, to taste, to go on; Legions come from every chant; Everybody finding the write away;...

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4. Time To Time

I feel a power calling me; Holding my hands; Guiding my steps; Controling my mind; It give all answers; Wait for me; I´m arriving; Time to time; (Time to time); Time to time; (Time to time); Showing m...

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5. Tower's Wind

Breaking the glean of light above the clouds; That did him sacramented joined the birds; In high of valleys, on crawling of fields; It´s far the reach joined the light of a day; Breaking the darkness ...

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6. Wings Of Destiny

Angels in the dark, these eagles are my fear; I look behind, the image causes my tears; Shadows in the night fly lost among the trees; I hear wild screams, I hear screams of pain; Into the dark, falli...

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