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1. Fallout

Fallen; Shadows dance upon a broken wall; Faces of the awakened; We'll see them all; Vile as a result of the past; The guilty consequence we see on the face of everyone; So wicked, classes of mutation...

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2. Idle Hands

They'll come for you; They'll come back to make you suffer; For making light of their world; Fantastic crowds; Relative to the thoughts of all those abound; They'll take their pound of flesh; Within a...

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3. Niacin

Recall; Everything you've made me; The fall of my securities; We all can relate; Recall; Some will make it over; Some make it far under; We won't fail to wait; (c'mon); Now in times of progress; We're...

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4. The Sky and The Fall

Take a look; (take a look and process the sound); Find a way to; (I'll find a way); Weave the whole; (the fragments allow); Save your own; (save your own or risk all); Violations; (and memory); Be ato...

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