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1. Cut Number 7

I wrote a song; That everyone loved; With an acoustic guitar; And a rhyming thesauras; And I found an angle; That no one had thought of; The story wrapped; in an undeniable chorus; And everyone fell i...

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2. Drive

We stood there, by your front door; And I felt stupid when you said; I think I need some time; I was hoping that we could talk about it; Why you feel like you've been missingout; But then you went ins...

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3. Dump Me

My girl is unpredictable; swears i’m the only one for her; but never wants to be alone with me; She says she’s only havin fun; and i hope that she; will come running back to me... ; She goes out every...

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4. Jessie's Girl

Jessie is a friend; Ya i know hes been a good friend of mine; But lately somethings wrong; It aint hard to define; Jessies got himself a girl; And i wanna make her mine; And shes watching him with tho...

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5. Just Friends

Here I go, Driving by your house; Might as well throw some rocks at your window; Yeah But you don’t seem to care, or maybe your not there; Probably out with someone else tryin’ to keep in on the down ...

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6. Last Summer

Sneaking out with you; Midnight in june; Picked you up; Couldnt stand to be apart; You sed you knew; About an old abandon road; Where we could park and be alone; We were trying to find our selfs; But ...

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7. Merry Merry Merry Frickin' Christmas

Schools out Christmas break; Back to Boston, the Red Sox in four straight; First the Yankees then St. Louis; The curse, reversed, the Bambino really blew it; Derek Jeter's lost his mind; Trippin? on a...

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8. Naked In My Bed

I met her at the pool; Yeah she was smokin’ hot; She told me maybe we should get together sometime; She asked me if i could; Rub oil on her back; And that was fine with me; And then i had a crazy fant...

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9. One Step Away

I’m down and losing faith; I can’t catch a break; That’s where I am; And everyday is longer it seems; And I’m losing my dreams; Along the way; The world can be so mean to me…; All I want; So much more...

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10. Party Like A Rock Star

Saturday morning she is; walking home from a random dorm room; her arms are crossed; she’s staring at the ground; Her hair’s a mess and falls in her eyes; And wearing what she wore last night; A sopho...

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11. Trend

Woke up today; looking through my email; it's all triple x - explicit sex; But I'm not horny; Can't make it stop, the different colored soda pops; striped toe socks, call the cops; I can't take anymor...

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