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1. Are You Ready For This?

Are you ready for this; Every boy put a pen in your hand, Write some lyrics that are meaningless; Cuz don't forget that appearance; Is so primary in a scene like this. ; It may be time for a change; W...

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2. Count On It

And she can call names; Well, I've got news for her and her friends; Fake girls; Ugly hearts; Everybody hates them; And she knows it true; Thats why they do what they do. If only they could see thems...

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3. End Up Crying

Believe when you call me; I'm gonna make you see your biggest insecurity; Oh, you think I don't know what's going on. From the black dress you wear , To the flow of your hair, And the guys you've been...

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4. Mistake X Girlfriend

So you call me up 1:30 on a monday night; Your intentions are clear, and I'm in your sight; I fell for every line; For years, I [?], for what? I forgot what it is I missed about us; To tell the truth,...

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5. My Favorite Songs

As I look into your eyes, from this hazy sketch tonight, Just know when I wrote this I had you in mind; And I know that your crazy baby; Jealousy comes easily when your with a lunatic like me; As I tr...

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6. Our California Song

She's packing her clothes I'm trying hard not to to speak; Cuz it would only upset her, she knows I don't agree; With this vacation she says is all that she needs; Then she left me in Georgia five mon...

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7. Phoenix Can Keep You

Okay we get it, no body’s as scene as you; and everybody’s seen your new tattoo; Well no one is impressed and as for all the rest that lied to you; They’ll probably never tell; Ask me if I’m sorry, we...

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8. She's Everything

With those eyes shes so hard to get over; When she laughs I just simple adore her; And although I'd do anything for her; I wish that i had told her; That i care; But it´s not easy cause; when she look...

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9. The Truth About Liars

How long's it gonna take for you to miss me? A year and two months yeah, and I'm still waiting; How long has it been since you kissed me? Cause I'm not happy, unless you're lying to me; You never told...

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10. What Are Friends For?

You're way too pretty for me; And we disagree because your modesty is just another thing, that makes me crazy; Do you know (yeah!) what you were missing? Do you know (oh yeah!) who you are kissing ton...

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11. When Cheating Had Feeling

Please dont let me; feel this alone if you do; Ill never forget you; I swear to god that I can keep a secret. If you swear, youll never forget that; all these words, all that took; all my time, are...

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