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1. From Junkie To Junkie

A nail in the flesh; To suffocate all the mess. A flower born dead, But its color’s still pink, my friend. ; A rotten apple falls off the tree. Though it’s not overseasoned it’s deceased. There has to...

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2. Idiot Or Criminal

“Breathe the light and see the air. Look at me” the mirror said. “Stop pulling your head underground, Instead of having it flying on clouds”; I said: “Life is what I’m always pushing back!”; (Some wou...

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3. Monkey Sucker

Would it sound stupid if I say; That everything, and I say everything, has turned into grey? But what else should I say? What there’s out, I don’t like it and word has gone astray. ; I believe I didn’...

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4. Plastic Breath

My words are not clear, I know, at all; But language becomes foolish when all you do is crawl. Fear is coming; And it would blind us all. ; My brain feeds itself on misery; And all our lies are smothe...

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5. Violence Makes Ultra-violence

Violence makes ultra-violence. Hysteria made a shame in our bed. Violence makes ultra-violence. It’s a shame in our bed. ; “And don’t look up” he said, “’Cause the waterfalls are burying us down, But ...

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