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1. Broken Horse

October's got those orange eyes; But somehow I still lost sight; When you lifted the lid off of my pumpkin head; And kissed me goodnight; Should it be a thorn in my side; We never quite broke that hor...

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2. Generator ^ First Floor

We getup early just to start cranking the generator; Our limbs have been asleep; We need to get the blood back in 'em; We're finding every day several ways; That we could be friends; We keep on churni...

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3. Ghosting

Do you ever play with kids in the basement; Soot upon your face so you were a hot mess; All your little molars cracked in the pressure; Come here little sister, let's get you to bed; But oh you caught...

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4. Hannah

Do me this solid; If you would pretty lady; Please grab me a martini; And meet me on the balcony; I've prepared a light show; You could fake a melody; We could argue over where and when; The cymbal hi...

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5. Kilojoules

Well I've been making; Some cold calculations; Regarding our body heat; It's not easy; Believe me; You liken me to a vampire; My left hand was wearing; Fake plastic teeth; All winter; And taking you f...

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6. Location

I am starting to sense your location; You are somewhere in the attic; Looking something close to tragic; Dating t-shirts and your mattress; I'm floating on the stairwell; With my toes grazed in the ce...

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7. Starring

Shut me up with your long tubesocks; They don't scream, "Hey, let's just be friends"; Look at both my inkwells brimming; I was much less understanding then; How many stars you think you possess? How m...

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