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1. Across The Avenue

Though you've gone away; I play your favorite song; Feel the blue and gold; With your dark glasses on; I always think I see you; Across the avenue; Walking by where I lost you; It's all I ever do; You...

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2. Bad Reputation

I know I got a bad reputation; and it isn't just talk, talk, talk; If I could only give you everything; You know I haven't got; I couldn't have one conversation; If it wasn't for the lies, lies, lies;...

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3. Can't Sink This Town

A barefoot whore; Walking by a famous clock; Against her door; Waiting for the chimes to start; Can't sink this town; Pull the gates and bring it down; I'd gladly drown and let you leave me lonely; Sh...

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4. Cold Again

When I woke up; I was alrady evicted; And when you say lie; Do you think I believe anything? Cold again; Cold again; Walking over Brooklyn bridge; Cold again; Cold again; Hey, Miss Liberty, where have...

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5. Disappointed Man

Did you take your mother's name; So you could sleep easily; She took you back too late; And now you never even call; Did you take that money drawer; While she was praying; They said you disappeared; J...

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6. Dolores

Dolores was her middle name; She read the book and everything; Now I know how old I am; Have you ever seen that film? Talking to a hotel mirror with my glasses off; Now you know just what he's crying ...

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7. Evie's Garden

In the middle of Evie's garden; Was a rock she could never move; Worn away by a faithful handtill; No one knows the date; Bring back the rain; We'll go walking; Bring back the wind; Like you do; Of th...

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8. Evie's Tears

In the middle of her confession; He comes over and holds her hand; I wake up, she is crying; I guess he was here again; Evie's tears are never going to dry; Evie's secret tears burn this bed she comes...

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9. Gone Like The Water

A red suitcase she'll never miss; A leather coat he used to wear; Thinking tough, looking tired; With momma's money and daddy's ring; He's gone like the water down to; NYC; Sleeping on the 802; Along ...

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10. I Can Hear The Laughs

You can really fall; Wake up in a ruined house; Wrapped up in a torn down curtain; And when I get to hell; Will the lovely girls come down; To the banks of that red red river; I can hear the laughs; W...

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11. I'm Not Hypnotized

I know you're only having fun; You want me to stare into your eyes; Whatever, you're the only one; OK, but I'm not hypnotized; Colored Lights shine through the blinds; You enfold your hand in mine; Gi...

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12. Love Grows (where My Rosemary Goes)

She ain't got no money; Her clothes are kinda funny; Her hair is kinda wild and free; Oh, but Love grows where my Rosemary goes; And nobody knows like me; She talks kinda lazy; And people say she she'...

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13. The Lucky One

Walking from the bus stop; Couldn't wait to get off; I know I'll be the lucky one; Walking through the twilight; Cold Nevada twilight; I know I am the lucky one; On the wheels; On the tabletops; On th...

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14. This Perfect World

You oughta see your face; You oughta hear your voice; Last time I was here; I wouldn't turn around; You oughta lock that door; Somebody might get in; Didn't I teach you that; This perfect world; So bl...

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15. Two Lovers Stop

Lovers cry; One last kiss by the edge, they're; Hand in hand; Two lovers stop their hearts; Better than to be apart; They had run from a father to the highest bridge; Holding together as they jumped i...

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