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1. Home We'll Go

Don't let your head hang low; You've seen the darkest skies I know; Let your heart run child like horses in the wild; So take my hand and home we'll go; The sun it glows like gold; Feeling warm as a b...

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2. If You Apologize

Geunyeoga tteonagayo; Naneun amugeosdo hal su eopseoyo; Sarangi tteonagayo; Naneun babocheoreom meonghani seo issneyo; Meoreojineun geu dwismoseupmaneul baraboda; Jageun jeomi doeeo sarajinda; Sigani ...

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3. Keep Your Eyes Open

If you could soldier on; Headstrong into the storm; I'll be here waiting on the other side; Don't look back; The road is long; The first days of the war are gone; Take back your former throne and turn...

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4. Reckless

Isolated eyes, I'm missing mine; Think I need to help you; I'm gonna try; Cute as hell baby, hotter than flames; Wanna burn together in a million ways; Now let me take the lead; Know you wanna play wi...

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5. Something Just Like This

I've been reading books of old; The legends and the myths; Achilles and his gold; Hercules and his gifts; Spiderman's control; And Batman with his fists; And clearly I don't see myself upon that list;...

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6. Staring Torn Stars

You're saying it's hopeless; That I should hope less; Heaven can help us; Well maybe she might; You say it's beyond us; What is beyond us? Let's see and decide; We've been meteoric; Even before this; ...

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7. Start Again

And I remember everything; Everything I loved; I gave it away like it wasn't enough; All the words I said and all you forgive; How could I hurt you again? What if I let you in? What if I make it right...

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