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1. Deeper

At the end of the day, and into the night, That's when I get my peace and quiet. I'm on a fast ride, and I wanna get off. ; Whatever I do, whatever I say, Is anyone listening anyway? I'm fallin' deepe...

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2. Higher

She was driving the car; One thumb on the wheel; Cigarette burning; Life to her was no big deal; Her thin, white tanktop; was almost see through; I've always been attracted; To her butterfly tattoo; I...

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3. Leaving Town

Oh, your reputations so golden; You're never lonely and you're never home; I know you've been talking 'bout leaving; You've lost all your feelings for this town; Paint your nails and put on your lipst...

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4. Life Of Saturday

I just wanna sail the seven seas and hide behind the sun, and never close my eyes, lay on my back and fantasize; of the perfect place to be. ; I wanna see the Mona Lisa, climb the pyramids of Giza on ...

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5. My Madonna

I don't ever wanna wake up; I don't ever wanna shut my eyes again; She's like a fantasy I've made up; But she's real, she's the best I'll ever get; I just need to stay beside her; She just wants to sa...

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6. Pretty People

i cannot help it that im so good lookin; i cannot help it that i have the perfect body; yes everywhere i go i get all the attention; i get my looks despite divine intervention; we are the pretty peopl...

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