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1. Cry Of An Eagle

Cry of an eagle; awakes my soul. ; On top of a mountain; when I wait for; the light of a new dawn. ; I breath in. Blood runs strong and wild. ; Naked in the rain. After the days; of hunger. ; And I wo...

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2. Easy Days

It’s the end of easy days. End of the summer holiday. Come my friends this is; the last night of our own. ; Wise old man humming the song. It’s time to walk away from home. Oh, my friends stay with me...

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3. Far Away From Heaven

Sunrise; over a stony road. ; Searching for my lost life; a stillborn child. ; An outlaw; a bad girl. Far away from heaven. ; Along the road; holding you, holding you forever. ; Like years ago; when y...

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4. Heroes Don't Cry

I still remember those days of our innocence. Rising clouds on horizon. We laughed in the sun, how we use to sing for the moon, howling with wolves through the night. Now I'm standing on ruins all alo...

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5. Moonlight Ride

We take a moonlight ride; rollin’ down the highway. To dive in to the ocean after midnight. ; To wash away the tears; to feel the heart beating. Moonfire on the waves whispering; tales of long gone lo...

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6. Pale Sister Of Light

Lead me when I close my eyes; move me through the night. Out of the neon, city lights. ; I am here to free the pounding; of the purple light. I’ve come to heal this heart of mine. ; Black river runs i...

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7. Preacher Man

Wake up baby; now the moon is high; and I’m waiting for you. ; Leave a note for your loving man; ‘cause I won’t; bring you back home. ; Hey now sister; c’mon take a ride; and share the road. ; Yeah ba...

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8. Radiant Light

I am the one. Your sacred desire; the light of the stars; shining on you. ; I have come; not to save your soul; I’m here to break your heart; and make you long for more. ; Heaven and hell in the reign...

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9. Shadow Of A Man

Sister of the sun; is shining her light; waking up the shadows again. ; I hear the song; echo in the night. Oh, how they praise the cold moonlight. ; Here I am, one of your own. Howling the strength y...

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10. Strangers

How’s it feel; in the heart of the night. Do you sleep, alone. ; Are you real; when you smile in my dreams. Do you still feel the same. ; Empty love; leaves me feeling alone; and the night; is dancing...

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11. Until The Night

City lights and evening; and the heat wave stand still. ; My little peace of heaven is; your smile that could kill. ; Your dancing on the table; in your cruel burnin’ blues. ; Daddy’s little angel sel...

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