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1. All I Ever Wanted (feat. Dave)

You're the one that changed up on me though; So, how you there blaming me, bro? All I ever wanted was a kilo, you wanted cheap hoes; She's the only girl that I trusted; I can't tell you why I still du...

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2. BMT

Yo, BMT - I'm on a big man ting; I ain't going into clubs without my big hand ting; Got eleven on my finger that's a big man ring; Yeah I got a big bag, no bin man ting; See me jumping in the Porsches...

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3. Daily Duppy

Mason; Picture this, little Fred out there really hittin' licks; By 15 he's locked in jail but no one didn't visit him; It's cool though, cause most of his friends were still in school though; But he ...

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4. Netflix & Chill

Yo, she wanna Netflix and Chill; But I wanna get rich and bill; Yo, look at my left wrist, it's real; She know it ain't right, but left with me still; I'm so high, my head in the hills; A kilo of crac...

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5. Scorpion

(The Beat Boss); Yeah, Scorpion, Scorpion, Scorpion; Pussy boy changed on me; And now he's lookin' like a scorpion; No, my dargies ain't playin' hand tings; Dem man pull up with Škorpions; Pull up on ...

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