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1. A Little Bit Independent

A little bit independent in your walk, A little bit independent in your talk;; Theres nothing like you in Paris or New York;; Youre awfly easy on the eyes! A little bit independent when we dance, A li...

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2. April In Paris

April in paris, Chestnuts in blossom, Holiday tables, Under the trees. April in paris, This is a feeling, No one can ever reprise. ; I never knew the charm of spring, Never met it face to face, I neve...

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3. I Saw Stars

I Saw Stars; Freddy Martin; - written by Maurice Sigler, Al Goodhart and Al Hoffman; Something strange happened to me; Lost my heart so suddenly; Suddenly I found myself in a dream; One sweet kiss did...

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4. Managua, Nicaragua

Managua, Nicaragua is a beautiful town; You buy a hacienda for a few pesos down; You give it to the lady you are tryin' to win; But her papa doesn't let you come in; Managua, Nicaragua is a heavenly p...

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5. One-zy Two-zy (I Love You-zy)

You'd never think arithmetic; Was something you'd enjoy, But when it's done a certain way; It's fun for ev'ry girl and boy:; (Chorus); One-zy, Two-zy, I'll kiss you-zy, Two-zy, three-zy, you kiss me-z...

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6. Symphony

Symphony; Symphony of love; Music from above; How does it start? You walk in; And the song begins; Singing violins start in my heart; Then you speak; The melody seems to rise; Then you sigh; It sighs ...

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7. To Each His Own

A rose must remain with the sun and the rain; Or its lovely promise won't come true; To each his own, to each his own; And my own is you; What good is a song if the words just don't belong? And a drea...

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