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1. A Moment Away

Did you ever really want something so bad you would give your life away; Have you ever had to wait for so long for a break to come your way; Do you want to hear your song on the radio; Would you let i...

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2. Apart

I don’t like you when you’ve been drinking; ‘Cause it means you’re not thinking; Say things you might regret; But I am still attached to your strings; And you make me feel drunk too; It’s not over yet...

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3. Change It All In One Night

Why deny me; In your eyes; Emotions seem to get the best of you; And she said; He terrified me; Always right behind me; In my dreams and my mind; Keeping me far behind you; But that was so long ago; A...

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4. Fade Away

Living heartache in black and grey; Everyday I'm living in sorrow; Will there be no tomorrow; Searching for the right song to play; Hoping you might change your mind; If I find the right rhyme or phra...

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5. Free

I catch you eye when you walk in; Perfect is the tone of your skin; Fine is the state I’m in; And I’m in; Need a light for your cigarette; To breathe in life and blow out regret; To chase out things t...

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6. Let It Go

I don't care much for it; It's not my style; To be left out of it; Every time you smile; When I think about the girl I used to know; It's harder when it comes to letting go; But if it hurts so bad wil...

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7. Secret (you Know What)

You know what; I've got a confidence; That I ain't about to betray (yeah); When it's playtime baby; You take the reins; And I hear you say; When you want it to begin; When you want it to end; Now I'm ...

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8. Seven Storeys

Seven storeys; A lift for ease; Though it isn’t working now; Seven stories; Shortened for these; All have the same ending anyhow; Purple hazes; Yellow daisies; I didn’t know you were down and out; Com...

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9. Thinking It Over

I go blind; While you read my mind; Hope; Breathe; Love; To carry me on; For though I try; I cannot find one reason why; I should believe you; And yet do; Yes I do; Still believe in you; Hope breed li...

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