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1. A Blossom Fell

A blossom fell from off a tree; It settled softly on the lips you turn to me; The gypsies say and I know why; A falling blossom only touches lips that lie; A blossom fell and very soon; I saw you kiss...

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2. I Loved You

I loved you; Although against my will I knew I loved you; Time was standing still because I loved you; But someday I knew you would fly away; Tomorrow; There could never be a new tomorrow; For I can o...

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3. It's Impossible

It's Impossible, tell the sun to live the sky; It's just impossible; It's Impossible, ask a baby not to cry; It's just impossible; Can I hold you close so to me, and not feel you going; Through me, Sp...

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4. Only You

1 - [Boo] For only you nigga, I would cherish all of these times; [Rock] For only you, I'd live a fuckin' world of crime; [Boo] For only you, give me feelings that I can't understand; [Rock] For only ...

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5. The Continental

Beautiful music; Dangerous rhythm; It's something daring, the Continental; A way of dancing that's really ultra new; It's quite the fashion, the Continental; Because it does what you want it to do; It...

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