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1. Abigail Beecher

Hey, everybody get out of the street now; I hear the roar of an XKE now; Sloppy sweater and pony tail; And the cop on the corner is turnin' pale; Whoo! It's Abigail Beecher, our history teacher; All t...

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2. Palisades Park

Last night I took a walk in the dark; To a place called Palisades Park; To have some fun, to see what I could see; That's where the girls are; I took a ride on the shoopty shoop; The girl I sat with a...

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3. Talahassee Lassie

well she comes from tallahassee; she's got a hi-fi chassis; maybe looks a little sassy; but to me she's real classy; yeah my tallahassee lassie down in f-l-a; well she dances to the drag, the cha-cha,...

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