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1. Ocean Mind

My world had fallen to waste and sorrow; Day by day, not much time left to borrow; Lost inside my reverie; Struggling from bonds of misery; My wish to leave had consumed through all thought; Year by y...

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2. Shining

I have never been; The one who's fallen in love; No sighs and blushing skin; Those songs I'm so tired of; They say love's the only reason to live; But I won't submit, for what could it give; Shining b...

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3. The Autotelic Self

A world full of burdens; And other sheer distractions; Can alter the mind so that; We're no longer free; Confronted by permanent; Stress and false attractions; We cannot enjoy our; Lives the full degr...

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4. The Tower

Alone she is wandering; With no goal in sight; The cold begins to; Give in to the night; Searching greener latitudes; Leaving hollow darkness behind; She has traveled; A slow, aimless roam; So far fro...

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5. The Valentine's Medley

Kiss me out of the bearded barley. Nightly, beside the green, green grass. Swing, swing, swing the spinning step. You wear those shoes and I will wear that dress. ; ?cause i would do anything for love...

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6. This Fragile Existence

All this empty space; And wondrous starlight; We cannot really grasp the; True nature of our universe; In time and space, we are a... Speck; In our perculiar universe; Mighty forces forming stars; Tha...

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7. Time Will Tell

Why does it feel like; There's always something amiss; Life plays tricks how did; Everything end up like this; Why am I here if I don't belong; Tell me, what is this; Joy that you have; Why can’t I kn...

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8. Welcome The Bright Skies

Into the night, waits the dawning sun; The warmth of light creates a new world to come; Life is straining now to overcome the void; And to embrace the joy; The cold abates to the rise of spring; The a...

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9. Your Life

Once you were a young troubled man; Thinking you'd do all that you can; Then all your dreams fell apart; Sleep turned into your work of art; Traveled to india, met a man who took a vow; Happiness does...

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