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1. Get Up

Can't you see all the lives; That your crushing with these lies; As your son cries alone; But you don't feel him when he moans; Now's the time to make us see; There's more to you than addict's greed; ...

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2. Gimme More

If I was to come along; Holding up the torch for a newborn dawn; Rising to the call of my people's needs; Trying not to judge other peoples deeds; If I was to take a stand; Breaking down the walls to ...

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3. Leaders Of The Wasteland

Is it wrong to break the rules; When the rules are made for breaking; If you go and ask Bill Clinton; What is sexual relation; Like a dancer on the stage; Who's ass was made for shakin; She'll leave y...

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4. Prepare To Reactivate

Don't go crying for me; My time has come you will see; I'm coming back this time, let me go; I'm coming back this time, Afterglow; And I said; It's enough to make it all seem right; Come on I said now...

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5. Progression

I wanna be a man of progression; A man with no deception in the world; I wanna lose that man of aggression; That man of depression hiding in me; Everyday I find a song; A reason to go on; Empty glass ...

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6. Revelation

You gotta bob and weave cause they try to deceive; You gotta cover your wounds don't let 'em see you bleed; It's time to make my stand wave my fist in hand; I draw my sword cause this village is damne...

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