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1. Building A House

We're building a wall that cannot fall; Building a house for free; A place for each stick, we're making it quick; Making it out of a Tree; It may take a while, take a while; Never on sand, but firmly ...

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2. Falling

Through the years if fallen tears; Clouds upon my eyes; Makes one wise, makes one wise; Building dreams it always seems; They turn a man around; They come falling down, falling down; Are they falling,...

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3. Home

Home; You can always turn back home again; There's still an open door; Look what's happened through the years; Someone's calling through his tears; "Come back home"; Home; There's a place prepared for...

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4. Last Train To Heaven

You might think it's foolish saying what I've said; But I just wanna tell you, I'm not out of my head; The minutes are so precious, there's such a precious few; And I just wanna testify of the love Go...

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5. Warms Away The Coldest Night

If I were another man I guess I'd be afraid; Of what tomorrow might be bringing; But I can't see the sense in all as long as I have You; You make me feel like singing; I long for the day when the sun ...

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